LRFest 2025, Feb 19-24

Judging and Timelines

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Official Showcase Coordinator:
fran - [email protected]

One of the best things about your application to this Festival is that most judges are active house concert presenters from around the world, with an emphasis on the southeastern U.S. Every year, we see hosts book a few acts regardless of the contest results. We think that's super-cool.

This year, at least FIVE artists will be selected as showcasing acts, and will be offered 2-3 paid performances during the festival week.

ALSO, FOUR additional top acts will receive 4 months free artist membership (new or renewal) to LRN. ($195 value)

Timeline for Judging and Festival

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE = June 5h, 2024 : Only 140 artist applications will be accepted - don't wait for the deadline.

  • June/July : judging takes place.

  • August : winners notified and confirmed.

  • September : contest results announced.

  • Feb 23 : LRFest Showcase

  • Feb 19 - 24, 2024 : Florida house concerts for invited acts.


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