LRFest 2023, March 9-12


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Official Showcase Coordinator:
fran - [email protected]

Goal: Submit live video that makes people want to see you perform a house concert. A second live video as well as a personal, professional website is also required for applications.

Video 1 should be a strong representation of what the act would sound/look like at a house concert. (Live Performances ONLY.) Creative approximations are fine, such as a simple setup with a few (optional) clapping fans in a homey or intimate setting.

Video 2 format is less strict, but could certainly benefit from the same tips as Video 1.

Website Your personalized, professional artist website. Not a page on some other website.

  • Judges will consider performance/song quality and "listening room feel." Although video is the primary medium for judging, this is not a video contest.

  • Watch some sample videos from previous contests.

  • Winners must be able to tour as they appear in the video. Most house concerts cannot accommodate more than 3 members or full drum sets. Solo and duo acts have a significant advantage for bookings.

  • Videos - we must be able to see and hear the musicians clearly. Audience engagement gives you an advantage.

  • Judges show a clear preference for original, non-aggressive music. Cursing and/or screaming can limit your appeal.

Email your questions to our Festival Director [email protected]

Ineligible acts: Artists who have participated in any of the past NINE festivals may not apply. (2014-2021)

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